Monday, June 10, 2013

Do you want to be the next Miss Pinkish Purplish?

           I am a member of FetLife. I am the member of some groups on FetLife. When you are a member of some groups on FetLife, you get automatic updates. One of the automatic updates I got was this one:

I had to look at the photo which is this:

            Now, the now Miss Pinkish Purplish makes a comment under the photo.  So you can see what she looks like and everything. Now every next Miss Pinkish Purplish can compare herself as soon as she looks. That must inspire the next Miss Pinkish Purplish. Seeing how easily she can be erased.

Only 16 days ago, the following picture was taken in about the same place and both people said how lucky they are to have found each other:

            The guy beside Miss Pinkish Purplish has a wonderfully inspiring monologue about his inability to do all the things in the first link on his profile: . In fact, it is so important, it the only writing that he has on his profile. How he is basically anti-first link. I am not sure if he sees the irony of this.

            The funny part about this is; I can’t see any women wanting to be the next Miss Pinkish Purplish. I mean he has proven what he can do. How he acts. I agree with the last Miss Pinkish Purplish, this is puerile. I am sure he thinks he is being witty and/or whimsical. I can only imagine how he gets in a fight.
             Also the guy lists himself as a Top. He is specifically saying he wants the role of taking care of the next Miss Pinkish Purplish. If he thinks this picture is being witty and/or whimsical; who wants that in their caretaker? But in reality, the pictures are childish and who wants a kid in charge? Either way, I don't see this as a good impression.

            I would suggest any woman to ask the last Miss Pinkish Purplish first how he took care of her before sign up for the next Miss Pinkish Purplish.

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