Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My Submission to Liberator’s Lusty Lit Contest

The Liberator Company is having a contest. The contest is its 1st annual Lusty Lit Contest. If you are truly interested; you can investigate all about it on their website at: http://blog.liberator.com/art/let-the-contest-begin-the-lusty-lit-contest-from-liberator-unzipped/?utm_source=EmailDirect.com&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=blast8_17_14+Campaign 

I figured I would try my hand at it. Why not right? If I am going to be a writer, I have to write. This was an opportunity to create. I took it.

Plus I am a competitor. I like the challenge. For now; I have to take these opportunities where and when I can. I am not looking for instant recognition because I know I have work to do. Still I do want to get my work out there.

This is one way to push myself. To commit to this under the standards and timeline that the contest created. I am just glad I rose to the occasion and got it done within those standards.

Hopefully I will get better. Maybe one day even do well in a contest; I would take being top five in this one. Someday I would like to win. Who knows what the future holds?

The real problem wasn’t coming up with an idea. In fact this was not the first story I thought of. I actually sketched the basic gist of four other stories first. This was the one that I identified with quickest. I worked on it a bit once I thought of it. And the structure came together pretty quickly.

The real problem was making it fit into 1000 words. That is a tight restriction to have when you are trying to express your good idea. It didn’t leave a lot of room for dialogue. It cramped my vision a little bit. Still I got it done.

I would have finished it a while back. But life got in the way. I had other commitments. So this went on the backburner for a bit.

If life hadn’t so rudely interrupted me; I might have tried to submit all four. For now; I got one done in time. Which is good. I have to take a win where I can.

There is more time until the contest submission ends. But I am on to other stories. I haven’t limited them to having only 1000 words or including Liberator products in them. I am going to run with my other kinky stories.

Maybe one day I will come back to this one? I could put in everything I chopped out. See if I incorporate the other story ideas I had as well into a nice little short story even? It is a possibility. I wrote it so that they could fit together as chapters.

Anyway this is the one story that stood out in my mind. I typed it out. I submitted it. The story follows presented as submitted:

Turn The Page

            When our book club choose “Love Moves” by Andy Adien to read; I was both excited and little scared. It is a book of erotica that included not just lust-filled sex but diagrams and positions. All of which made me blush. Kind of like Fanny Hill and the Kama Sutra combined. A very good read indeed.

            The book opened us up to the thought of trying new things. Still, I wasn’t sure I could tell Chris what I wanted. Even though I had time as I was third in the pact. First Terry showed Robin what she learned. Then Corey taught Chris a few things. All of which were reportedly very fun imaginative and appreciated.

Now it was my turn with the recommended “marital aide” us ladies got as a group. I wasn’t able to use it that first night. I didn’t want to rush the issue. I wanted this encounter to be well planned.

            We transported the “aide” in a gym bag to try and mask its intention. The bag had the blindfold in there as well. To allow for a little bit of a “sexploration”. 

            I couldn’t tell Chris what to do face to face. I would get too nervous. So I left him a note on a chair at the door.

            “Strip down to nothing. Leave your clothes on the chair. Then text me. Sloane XO”. Once he texted I replied; “Leave the phone on the chair & come upstairs.”

            When he got there; the LoveArts Pillow was in the middle of the bed.  I told him to “get on the bed and put your head on that beautiful pillow”. When he did, I tied his hands to either side of the pillow. Then blindfolded him.

            Once he was tied down; it was time for me to do some work. Lucky for me Chris was blindfolded because I needed to look at my list of things I wanted to do to him.

            I started with just my mouth. Bringing Chris to a state of arousal. Making him declare, “That feels so amazing sweetheart!”

            I knew then I needed to throw in something new and different. So I opened up the tin of mints. I put two into my mouth. And went to work to my husband’s cock.

“What are you doing down there.” Chris excitedly exclaimed. He was moving quite a bit in response to this.

“You have to keep under control up there baby. You might knock me out.”

“You are knocking my socks off.”

“Well just enjoy my work down here. There will be more good times.” I got to work twisting my tongue around his shaft. Working all over his sex-stick. Including making sure his balls were well taken care of.

The mints had since melted. But I was having too much fun to make a switch. But I really wanted to try the ice next. Really throw Chris for a loop.

“OH! MY! LORD!” Chris screamed as the cold hit his most delicate skin. Guess I should have invested in some restraints for his legs and feet as well. A good thought for next time. “What are you doing now?” I let the cubes dissolve on his hot shaft. While I continued to work up and down at a hearty pace.

“Trying to show you how much I learned at book club baby.” I said as I stuffed his cock in my mouth.

“So that’s where you learned that trick with your tongue?!” Chris blurted out.

After a few moments of working on him; I didn’t want him to explode in my mouth. I wanted to savor that pleasure in another way.

So I took him out of my mouth. And I told him, “Mama wants to mount her man. Are you ready, stud!”

“Hell Yes!”

My saliva would be more than enough lube. I held his cock up straight as I prepared to mount it. And it slid so perfectly in to my very wanting and willing vagina.

I am usually very timid. I let Chris initiate most of the time. He is has always been a good lover to me. So this was not a reboot to our relationship. This was some good spice.

I hadn’t felt this sexy in a long time. I took time to look in the mirror. The sight of me on top of my gorgeous husband was empowering. It made me orgasm just thinking about it.

“Ahhh. So you are allowed to cum but I am not?” Chris queried. He knew my body so well. We could both feel the tremors that went through my pussy as my muscles clinched against his cock. I wonder if he could feel the extra lubrication from my squirt too?

“I say when we both cum, stud.” I said as I started to play with his balls. Tightening my grip ever so slightly. “You make sure you are ready when Mama says so. Because the next one will be us cumming together.”

“Yes, Ma’am!” He exclaimed like a private to his commanding officer.

I held on to his balls while I rode him hard. I planned to put him away wet too. I worked my legs and glutes in their hardest workout in months. Getting to the point when I was ready to squirt again.

“Are you ready to cum big boy?”

“Yes!” he exclaimed as I let his balls go. He shot four big bursts of semen into by vagina. And to add to the squirting I was doing. Well let’s just say it was a huge mess. And another great story to add to the group.

After I untied him, I told him it was his turn to plan out how to use the pillow tomorrow night before I had to hand it over to Corey. “I have to prepare” he said running toward the internet. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with.


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