Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sexual Mystery Part 4

            I realize I need to contribute more to this blog. I can see the statistics show that there are views of this page more than just my own forays. I am not going to put a number on it, how much more I will increase. I can’t force it. But when I have my thoughts, I will put them down and make them known. And it is not right to not have new things on here. So here goes.

            This is not like the other mysteries I put on here. For a while now; I have been on a hunt. It hasn’t been that intense so it isn’t like a once in a lifetime safari or nothing. I have done some searches. If I concentrated on it for a bit; I am sure I could find it. But I don’t. I look for a couple of minutes here. Or a couple there. But not a long exhaustive search like is probably needed.

            There was a story in a Penthouse Forum or Penthouse Letters that blew me away. Now, I fully acknowledge that this story is conflicted at best. It is about forced sex and/or rape. It is also about human trafficking. For that reason it should not be considered titillating. But I only believe that true rape is not fodder for sexual fantasy. I do think that things that shouldn’t happen in real life can be valid as a fantasy. This is not the recount of a criminal act. Still, reading this is a personal choice. So if that is going to bother you, please stop reading here.

The story was published in one of those little Penthouse Forum / Letters books that they sell that are not standard magazine size. I do not remember the actual dimensions were closer to 4” x 6” than 8” x 11”. I didn’t see it in the main magazine; I used to get it pretty regularly. Of course it might have been in there as well. I can only be sure it was in one of the smaller compilation books as some were reprints and others were ones that did not make the main magazine.

I read it back in the early 1990s. I was still in college at the time. The story was awesome. It was clear, concise and kinky. Just what Forum/Letters is for? But it could have been part of something a lot kinkier. Not sure but either way; it was a good story.

            The gist of the story is; this woman [Let’s call her Maggi] is writing about a fantasy she has. Maggi is stolen from her life and sold into slavery. At the slave auction; Maggi is told she is going to be a sex slave to a wealthy man. The wealthy men who are there to pay for her are allowed to touch her like they are shopping for clothes. In every intimate way and in every intimate place. But the “buyers” aren’t all going to be allowed to sleep with Maggi, that would be silly. But for some reason, they want to see she isn’t frigid as if a slave can say no. This story was the best way Maggi could think this would be accomplished, I suppose.   

            So instead; the “auctioneers-slavers” arrange for her to be viewed having sex with someone. If this had been written by a man; I would have thought the “buyers” would just have her have sex with another woman and use a dildo to test her “temperature” was not freezing. But what happens in the story is the main reason I thought it might have actually been written by a woman. Seems like something that would be most appealing to women. As a male reader it was titillating. As a viewer or spectator I would similarly be fascinated. But if I was a buyer, I wouldn’t have been as enthusiastic. Instead I would prefer having either a woman or just some Average Joe type guy who maybe represents the “buyers” body type; she is fucked by a different type of fella.

            The “auctioneers-slavers head-auditioner” is well muscled and looks like a model. Kind of a walking Dream Man [which I will refer to him from here on]; he is tall, dark and handsome. And along with that, he has a penis like a fire-hose. I can’t remember how long it was supposed to be. I am pretty sure it was longer than anything I would consider average and longer than myself too. It was thick, muscled, veiny and all that. Basically the fantasy fuck of quite a few women. Especially if she is being sold into slavery. Maggi might as well enjoy herself.

Maggi does just that according to the story. She is taken to heights of ecstasy she has never encountered. Enjoys her time with Dream Man completely. And is left sexually and physically spent by the end.

            Now this is a fantasy. Maybe this Dream Man went on to service all the female slaves that night? Because he is described as a walking hard-on who’s blood is a mix of testosterone and viagra [because I doubt there are not the two bathtubs required for Cialis to work, ha-ha]. It only deals with this one woman in the story so can’t tell. Maggi it seems is only concerned with her own satisfaction. And for some reason, in her story, so are the “auctioneer-slavers” and the “buyers” too. I guess Maggi is lucky they have so much concern for her sexual pleasure.

And maybe I am being petty to comment on it. It is fantasy. I should just accept it, right?  But if I was writing it; there would need to be a squad or two of Dream Men maintained at all times. Heck, they would even have an eating and training regiment as well. The logistics are vaguely possible but would take a ton of resources. But I am thinking too much into it. Just have to enjoy the story for what it was. One female slave who gets maximum pleasure and one Dream Man slave who services her desire.

            As best I can remember; the fantasy ends as she is taken away after her Dream Man is done with her. I actually believe she was carried away. Unable to stand. And I can’t remember if she even gets to be sold on the block. I guess that wouldn’t be part of the fantasy, would it?

            I know that a title would really help. But I don’t remember the title. If I went through the full circumstances of how I came to read this story; it would be obvious why I don’t remember. Heck, I only read it once; I am surprised I remember any detail about it at all.

            There are plenty of slave auction stories I have seen online. There are plenty of different scenarios. All of them require lots of resources; most of all money. But this story was unique in that it was focused on the satisfaction of the female slave, Maggi. It was artfully written. The focus was correct. Would be interesting to see what the Dream Man thought about it too in Stephenie Meyer – Midnight Sun fashion. But for now; Maggi’s thoughts are a rich enough story for me to enjoy.

            Just as a disclaimer, the woman’s name is not Maggi. I used that name here so as not objective her more. If it was a simple as a searching for a character name; I would have found it by now.

Maybe someone knows which story I am referring to. If I do find it; I will post a link.

            Well that is my newest mystery. Call Sherlock and Dr. Watson.