Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lecherous Behavior

            I have noticed that women I am friends with are much more forgiving of my lecherous behavior. I am allowed to leer. I am allowed to look at them. I am allowed to objectify them. And by some, I am even encouraged to do all the above.

            Why? No idea.

            Well I have some idea. I am sure it feelings good for one. It is meant as an appreciation. I am totally appreciating them. With my eyes.

Also, these ladies know I am not going to cross any lines. My eyes might not be respectful but my hands are always courteous and polite. All the limits will be respected.

I am aggressive and forceful in my demeanor. I am working on being dominant. But I have always respected very established limits. I always know what no means. And I always respect that.

So that mix must be comforting. Which always me a lot of leeway.

            Either way, I am glad I have some female friends who will allow me the pleasure of looking at them in a way that would otherwise be classified as rude. Hell, if someone was looking at one of these ladies this way; I would have to do something. At least tell the guy to stop.

            Do I enjoy doing it? Hell yeah!

            Not sure if every woman is like this. Probably not. This is a very liberal activity. Doesn’t mean the woman is liberal. Some that have been appreciated my libidinous deeds.

            I am glad I have outlets for my lewd behavior. And I don’t have subject it to anyone who doesn’t want it.

            I wonder if there are more woman who like to be leered at?

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sexual Mysteries Part 3

            In episode # 3, season #3 of the TV show Game of Thrones; what did Podrick Payne do at Littlefinger’s whorehouse? This is a mystery.

For those who don’t know: Podrick had 3 prostitutes paid for by Tyrion Lannister. This is as a reward for two things. One, Podrick saved Tyrion’s life in the Battle of Blackwater Bay. Tyrion’s life was in danger from an assassin paid for by either his sister Cersei, his nephew Joffrey or both. Podrick saves Tyrion. Two, Podrick is now Tyrion’s squire [edit May 2014, this season the audience finds that Pod is more of a valet than squire] and serves him very faithfully.  Just about anything that Tyrion needs, Podrick makes sure to get it.

In this episode, Tyrion is picking up the crown’s financial books from Littlefinger. Since Littlefinger works out of his brothel, they are already there in the house of ill repute. Bronn and Tyrion leave Podrick there to have his manly needs taken care of by three of the finest “ladies” in the kingdom.

Podrick returns to Tyrion’s residence afterward with all the of the money that was supposed to be used to pay for the working girls. This is much to the surprise of Tyrion and Bronn. Both of whom have plenty of experience with working girls.

None of the 3 ladies of the evening could explain what he did. Or more explicitly, the ladies would not explain what happened. And ultimately, they did not charge him.

            Why?  Who knows?

            Tyrion and Bronn grill Podrick about it. No real answers come from it. The actual conversation is cut out of the show. So the audience is not privy to what is discussed.

            Later in the next episode, Lord Varys and Ros discuss this as well. All Ros can say is that the 3 “ladies” say it was the best they have ever had. Why? No explanation. What happened? No idea. These ladies who usually are very ready to share are sudden really tight lipped.

No one actually has the formula for what actually happened. No one knows what Podrick did. I am sure that it will NOT come out in the TV episodes. Maybe it is in the books but I am not reading the books. I have no intention to do so either.  

Pros that will neither take money nor discuss the details of an encounter?!? This is very odd. I am not sure why this is.

Other than to make the TV crowd crazy. Creating another mystery for me.

This will be another mystery that will cause ME much consternation. I will wonder. Hope to find out. Only to be thwarted.


Only answer comes in his proper title : Pod the Sex God !!!!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Orgasm – I know it is not this simple but I have to rant about this!

            Men enjoy getting off. That is why we do it. For the simple act of getting off. Not only when we are with a woman. Men get off alone [as known as masturbation]. A lot! And a lot more than we could hope to have sex with a woman. [This is something I speak of with the utmost expertise]

            Why? Because men know something that you ladies don’t. It is up to the individual [him or herself] to get yourself off. It is a personal responsibility. Whether you are alone or with a partner or partners.

            Ladies seem to have this wrongly rom-com notion that it is up to the man to get her off. WRONG!

            I thought about this when reading the following article from Dan Savage on the Stranger online: http://www.thestranger.com/seattle/SavageLove?oid=16701721.

In this, you see it implied that the husband is blaming the wife for her inability to orgasms when they have sex. That implication is correct!

The wife seems to think her husband is responsible for her orgasms. That is wrong!

She [the wife] is responsible for her own orgasms. Every time she has sex, she is the only one responsible for her orgasms. Her alone; whether with someone else or alone. So her consternation about not being able to orgasms with him, that is her fault not his.

            Let me put this a different way. I have talked about male masturbation. But the same should apply to female masturbation as well. Whenever someone is masturbating no matter what sex; I think most people would say it is their own responsibility to get off when they are alone. Probably not on anyone else, right? I mean how could it be? No one else is there.

            So let’s go to the other extreme. If a woman is in a gangbang of three men or more; whose responsible for her orgasm then? The 3rd guy? The 6th guy? The 8th guy? Where does it fall? I think if you ask any woman who has been in one, she will say, she was so excited she couldn’t stop orgasming.

So there is no one other than the woman herself who gets herself off. There are just other guys in the room at the same time. How many or what the guys are doing; usually the woman has no idea. Nor does she care.   She is too busy getting off.

            But guess what, it was her excitement getting things done. Not because she was attracted to every guy in the room. Not because she was in love with them. She may not even lust after the guys. She is getting off on the attraction. On the fact that the guys are there for her. Being the center of attention. That is the hook.

            Same goes for a one on one. The guy is getting himself off. But the woman is the center of his attention.

            And if she wasn’t; he would just masturbate. Trust me, it is a lot easier.

            In the end, do women enjoy getting off? I ask that because most women do not act like they do. Men could give a shit what it seems like. Men are too busy getting off.

The women I have met that do enjoy getting off, they get off in a way that is so awesome it is a great experience for all involved. So outside looking in, when a woman owns her orgasm it is AWESOME! All women need to take full responsibility for their orgasms to they can enjoy them more and every time they have sex. And stop worrying about where it was through penis in vagina sex. He obviously doesn’t or else he would ask you to stop. Has he? NO! Because in the end, your orgasm is your’ responsibility, not his.