Monday, March 30, 2015

One More Boycott [well one for now at least]

            So I have named a few of my boycotts [Woody Allen, R Kelly, Roman Polanski]. I thought about another today. South Park. Specifically the TV show. I have seen the movie but only twice.  That is very few for me.

   and  was the opener of season 2. I had been waiting for the answer to the proposed question; who is Cartman’s father?

Instead I got a Terrance and Phillip cartoon. I guess this was supped to be funny? An April Fool’s joke I supposed? Was not funny to me but I am sure that the creators laughed their asses off. I just sat there annoyed. I figured at some point they would switch it to the real show. No dice.

            I never found out the real answer because I stopped watching the show. I haven’t watched since. Not even in syndication. Full ban.

            I easily could have read the answer online it by now. Would not even have to watch the show. Nope. Not gonna do it!

            Also to be clear; I have continued to watch Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s other endeavors. Orgazmo, Team America World Police and others. Basketball is one of the funnier movies that take little to understand and lots of my laughs. I haven’t been able to break clean.

            Hypocritical? Sure. At least a little bit. But that is where I draw the line. I was burned on their one property but not all of them.

            Heck if I get the chance to see House of Mormon I would!

            However, watching South Park itself is a whole other issue. For now; the ban continues.

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