Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sexual Mysteries Part 2

In Episode 6 of Series 2 of the British version of “The Office”, Gareth receives a phone call. He puts it on speaker. It is from a woman named Anne who wants him to come to her home that night. At first, Gareth is not going to go in favor of a night out with the boys to Chasers. At some point in the conversation; Gareth says that he will indeed be coming over but not for an entire evening. Before leaving for a night out with his friends; one of which is Augie. She asks, “Are you going to bring the toys again?” At which point, Gareth picks up the phone and you can barely hear the rest of the conversation. The only thing significant that he does say is, “Yeah, look forward to doing it to you, too.”

Leaving the question, what toys? What did they do? Was it just to her, as he said? He have the toys used on him as well? What wonderful toys does Gareth have to bring?

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