Thursday, July 2, 2009

Just ranting

So all this is about is ranting. Loosely related to sex but not really.
Gary Staton, 37 left nine kids at a hospital. I really don’t understand how he got a 17 year old to actually go along with it but he did. And now, the formerly overwhelmed “father” has donated half the DNA needed to make two more children.,2933,529597,00.html?test=latestnews
Who is this Gail who got pregnant by this man? Seriously? Why would you have sex with a man who abandoned? I don’t mean be friends? I really don’t understand that either. I mean seriously, who wants to be friends with a dead beat? That is what he is. He is a DEADBEAT.
But apparently he has changed. Now that family members, who I would believe he did know before he dropped his kids off, are feeding, clothing and taking care of his kids.
The story says that he is seeing his kids. Is he feeding his kids? Is his caring for them?
Now he is adding to it. I am not letting Gail off the hook either. They both did this. But why would you even talk to someone who abandons children?
Why did he have nine kids to begin with? He obviously couldn’t take care of these children.
Why does he still have the ability to have children? Why didn’t he do the responsible thing and get a vasectomy?
I think the answer to all of this is he doesn’t blame himself. If you read the above article from FOX news, no one blames him. No one. Not his kids. Not the in laws who are doing his job. No one.
I hope that Gail’s family takes note of this.
And where are the Christians? Christians love babies but don’t seem as attached to kids. If they were, where are / were they for these kid nine kids?
You know, I love sex. I feel that everyone should enjoy it. But not if it is going to have consequences for you or the ones you love. If you can’t take care of the kids you have, you shouldn’t be having more. I am not saying that everyone should do as I say, although, that would make the world a much better place. But why should I have to take care of your kids, in any way. We have public schools. Looks like soon we will have public health care. I understand the benefits. But still, it honestly pisses me off that I have to take care of other people in any way.
I understand that these kids don’t live in my state. They have been taken in by relatives, which is where they should have been to begin with. But will these next two end up there too? I hope not. But history is not on their side.

Melissa Rycroft is engaged, four months after being outraged that the fiancée dropped her. Where is the outrage? Where is the Bachelor dude? Why isn’t he outraged now? Doesn’t he have the right? Was she sleeping with him while she was supposed to be falling in love in Seattle?
All these dating shows are just not fair. There should be more than just one guy and twenty girls. There should be more even numbers. And they should have to pick each other. Then, these shows would have more of a realistic feel to them.
But really, all these shows should be on the Playboy or Spice channel. They should be forced to have sex to ensure compatibility. I have heard that it happens from time to time on The Real World and Big Brother- especially on the versions from other countries. I think that the ratings would be through the roof. By the way, I have that thought patented.
One more thing, soul mates, sex and marriage. Seriously, what is the deal? This is in response to Governor Sanford. He doesn’t like or love his wife? Seriously? And what exactly is a soul mate? I am just ranting now. But what the blood clot.
I love sex. Love it. But it seems that it is making people do some extremely crazy things here lately. And I don’t like when people use the issue in the wrong way.
Sex should be for fun and enjoyment and making people’s life’s better. I am sure Mrs. Sanford feels bad. But I doubt that the Governor even knows what soul mates are. Because why would you sleep with a soul mate? He needed a new sex mate.
We are finding out that reality now that the news that he was having inappropriate relations with women for years now. Sounds like he was kissing and feeling women up. Which is not very soul mate of him, huh?
First, Sanford should try and not handle this in the public. Neither should Rycroft. And Staton should get a vasectomy. And the rest of the world should listen to me on all matters of sex. I think that is a good idea. Yeah, I can’t give that one up. What do you think?
Seriously, I am totally off track, upset and barely making sense. Ranting and out of control but that is not new. And I have a warped sense of right and wrong. My libertine ways would definitely redefine all marriages. And no one wants that because I doubt anyone could deal with that type of happiness.
My libertine ways would alleviate the conservative guilt that is there. As well as alleviate people of this sense of ownership over others. I am sure that Mrs. Sanford feels bad since her husband goes out either looking for or getting strange wherever. But if she realized that him coming home to her, when he feels like it seems, is better for her then being alone. And I bet she would be content. Seeing as how she probably doesn’t give him “enough” sex. Why not let him get his happy on?
But I am intrigued as to way people do the things that they do. Or why. Or are they just not paying attention at all? I am not sure what the truth is. But I wish I could skip the stories when I see them. I just can’t. They are just so tempting. And then I get upset. And then I start typing. And now you are reading my ranting. Well I can’t rant more. This is random thoughts but I had to type out some of it. I hope that you weren’t bored.

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