Friday, July 6, 2012

American Wedding dilemma: Who would you want to be?

          Finchy or The Stiffmeister? I was watching American Wedding [or as it sometimes called, American Pie 3] on HBO the other day. At the end of the movie [spoiler alert] two of the single guys have casual sex. It made me think: Which single guy who hooks up at the wedding would you rather be?

X.  Paul Finch who hooks up with Janine [Stilfer’s Mom]


Y. Steve Stifler who hooks up with Cadence Flaherty [Michelle Flaherty’s sister]


            Personally I would be Finch. But if anyone ever called me Shit Break, there would be Hell to pay.

            Honestly, I am into lots of different types of women. I would choose a Cougar over a young girl/ woman anytime. Cougars are just more self-assured. More sensual. Overall more erotic and exotic. I enjoy MY time with them more. They appreciate me a lot more. That makes me feel even better. Hopefully they enjoy themselves as well. Actually, I want any and every woman I am with to enjoy themselves.

Honestly this might make me sound like some sort of stud. I am not. But I have some experience. And MY personal experience would lead me to this conclusion.

            What about you?

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