Friday, July 6, 2012

Sick of open not being open.

            The ‘news media’ will do anything to try and sell. One thing that is no surprise, they use sex. No just news but everything. The names of shows are the latest ploy: Wife Swap, Pawn Stars. These are obvious play on words and or situations that are sex based. Why? Salaciousness sells.

            News stories like to try and use porn stars to sell their stories. Bill O’Reilly did this a bunch back around 2000 to 2002, when I used to watch him. Actually, it was one way yelling [mostly me yelling at him]. Stories about porn stars on papers. Bree Olson hanging out with Charlie Sheen. Things like that. Why even mention what she does? Does anyone know what the other ‘goddess’ does? Even remember her name? But Salaciousness sells so mention that someone is hanging out with a porn star and it is news. Actually is it is old ‘news’; Charlie Sheen used to hang out with Ginger Lynn as well so it wasn’t the first time Sheen did this.

            Lately, I have seen news stories about famous couples with open marriages. There was an unconfirmed uproar that Jada Pinkett and Will Smith have an open marriage. I never saw any stories that actually confirmed other partners. But that wasn’t the point. Just the insinuation got tongues wagging. Got me to click on it. But, no substance.

            Same has happened with other stories as well. The cover of Essence magazine for July 2006 reeled me in by saying that the main story was the actress Monique, Oscar winner, and her husband have an open marriage and she was going to talk about. In fact, also said it was self-love and open marriage.

            Got me.

            The self-love wasn’t masturbation. It was just about pride. There is nothing wrong with that. But it was salacious way of putting it.

            And the open marriage, not so much. It is the future option to be open. Actually, it is the ability to have sex with someone else and still be married. Ok. So they are forgiving. Or they think they will be. But open. No. That is not open. That is just forgiving, maybe, in the future, if it happens. Maybe. BS.

            Same with Bethanny Frankel and her husband. She has a talk show or something? Anyway, I saw a thing online that she confessed to an open marriage.

            Got me.

            Is it open? No. Each one of them has a celebrity pass or hall pass or whatever you want to call it. He has one female celebrity. She has one male celebrity. Once again, this is just forgiveness.

Now, in her defense, Frankel actually called it what it is. It was another website I won’t mention that tried to make more of it. But why? It was actually just false.

            This was brought up watching a movie Swinging with the Finkels. I will spoil the movie. But what the frak? The title does not fit the movie. This is not the first time Hollywood did or does or will do this, using sex to sell. But Hollywood could actually have sex in it. They choose not to. Why? Why not just have the sex?

            Don’t get me started about 50 Shades. I am so frakkin mad about that. But that is a rant that won’t stop. I am so upset with that but that is for another time.

            Anyway, I am sure there are people who are open. They swing. They have times on, times off. Why is that so taboo? Seriously. People cheat or are monogamous. Some of actually monogamish too. I am sick of hearing it just doesn’t work. Heck, monogamous doesn’t always work either. UGH. Now I am ranting and it is not making sense.

            In the end, if you are going to use sex to sell, actually have some sex in the story.

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