Friday, October 19, 2012

Well I guess it was a set up- Hulk hit harder by Bubba than Macho Man

           This is a follow up about Heather Clem and Hulk Hogan sex tape. Sounds like Heather and Bubba the Love Sponge did make other tapes.

         They set Hulk up. I know Hulk has said repeatedly that Bubba WAS his best friend. And Hulk was Bubba’s best man when he married Heather. [This happened before Bubba and Heather married. Hulk was separated from his ex and hadn’t met his current wife]

But apparently, it wasn’t a one-time thing:

If Hulk is worried about other tapes, there has to be a reason. Hulk knows how many times they had sex together. In fact, from the start, Hulk said it was him. That he did it. Hulk tried to offer that there were reasons: He was in a bad place and what not.  But I never saw him deny it. Now, if he is trying to warn against other tapes, there is a reason.
            If there is smoke, there is fire as they say.

            No surprise though that other people partook of the former Mrs. Clem. Also, there are reports from Mrs. Clem saying she felt like a piece of meat:

            Obviously that is just posturing if this is true. Not only did she set up Hulk. She had sex with other people. Reportedly B and C list starts. So if she was a piece of meat it is because she served herself up with some A-1 sauce.

            Now, I am all for a couple that is open. That can have fun. But this was against someone else’s will. It is not right to do this. Even worse, Hulk seems really upset about it.

            If it was just Bubba, Heather and other men having fun; great! But why videotape it?
            Plus, seems like maybe Bubba couldn’t preform because it sounds like it was all guys with Heather. Even though no names have been leaked. All the reports sounds like it is guys with Heather. None of Bubba with chicks. Not even him with ‘normal’ chicks, non-celebrities.

            Looking at him, no surprise.
            Now knowing what she is into; makes more sense why Heather was with Bubba, huh?

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AvaAlso said...

This whole thing is just one icky clusterfuck. It's hard to know who to believe, as they all seem pretty skeezy. I usually try to feel some sympathy for people but there's a lot of if-thens. It sucks that someone leaked this tape for all the people who didn't leak it, whether it was one of the Clems or a disgruntled employee. If Hogan didn't know, or just didn't realize that they'd keep the surveillance camera put there for child custody issues on during sex, that sucks for him. Celebrities, especially ones not entirely of this new always on, reality tv generation, are used to having more control over their image and this decade has not been kind to Hogan or his family or their reputation. If having sex with her husband's friends wasn't something that she enjoyed or if she did enjoy it but dislikes that it seems like she was just being passed around, I feel a bit bad for Heather Clem. Though his name makes it a bit difficult, I even feel bad for Bubba the Love Sponge, if he didn't leak this and now his bestfriend is turning on him, suing him, while he's also having to deal with the fall out of this tape and how it makes him look. I think most of all, if it's true that Bubba played those tapes at work, I feel really sorry for those employees. Maybe I'm just prejudice against amateur porn. I can see enough of other people's pov to feel bad for them "if" but it's really hard to know the truth in a situation like this.

Just don't make porn, people. It will come back to haunt you.