Sunday, April 7, 2013

No right answer! Hello Stranger ?

In the movie Closer [2004/  or]
there are four main characters in the play and film. In the film they are depicted respectively by :
Clive Owen's [Not Clive Warren, Mr. Pilkington] perverted dermatologist: Larry Gray
Julia Robert's perverted photographer: Anna Cameron
Jude Law's perverted writer: Dan Woolf
Natalie Portman's perverted muse/subject/stripper/world traveler: Jane Jones/Alice Ayres
[Despite the fact that I called all the characters perverts, I really like the film. Of course, as a pervert, I am fine in the company of perverts. And like watching movies about perverts. If you have seen the blog posts, you probably could have guessed that.]

But in the whole film, there is one intriguing question, to me anyway. It is:
Would you rather be Alice Ayres? Or Jane Jones?
I think most ladies want to be Alice. Only because most ladies believe that Alice is the brave one. The one with adventures. The best one to be.
But the truth is, Plain ol' Jane is the one that actually experienced it all. Every bit of it. Jane is the one with the stories. The one who created Alice or at least stole her. The one that everyone can talk to.

Jane Jones is, to ME, the most interesting character.

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