Friday, April 5, 2013

Spank [The Fifty Shades Parody]

            So awesome! So funny! I had a great time. 

            The crowd was mostly women. I would say about 96%. But there were a few guys there. As one of them, I consider myself lucky. Even better, I actually have read all three books. I got every aspect of every joke.
            Best thing, the three person cast was interactive with the crowd. Well at least the first couple of rows. And the people they picked did amazing. It was great. The cast even knew a little about the local area it was being performed in. Maybe it personal for the audience. Took the performance up a notch.
            Plus the writing was great. So much better than the books themselves. But it was really a smart show.
            The three cast members were all good. The stand out was Suzanne Sole as E.B. Janet. They made her American as opposed to the real Brit, Erika Leonard (E.L.) James. Ms. Sole also played a bunch of other roles (Jose, the rest of the Greys and others). By far the best at acting. Then there was Michelle Vezilj as Tasha Woode or Ana Steele. She was good. Very funny because of her innocent look. Last was Gabe Bowling as Hugh Hanson or Christian Grey. He was good too. Did a great job with the physical nature of his job. I thought he worked well with the two women.
            The writing is the real star. Hit so many things that are ridiculous about the 50 Shades Trilogy. Particularly addressed the first book. There are some things  from the other two books but a lot less then the 1st book.  Stuff like:

1.      Ana not having a computer.
2.      Christian’s obsessive nature
3.      Ana's sexual and relationship stupidity which is not actual innocence
4.      E.L. James' own horniness.
5.      The low quality of the writing by 'Mrs. James' [one thing that isn't mentioned is the fact that James is a writer for BBC.]
6.      The lack of an actual plot in the books
7.      The ridiculousness of a orgasming the first time having sex
8.      Saying Inner Goddess far too often and like that means something significant
9.      Saying "Long Fingers" when she meant long penis
      And so many other ridiculous things. I can't even remember all the things that this parody was on point about. It was so smart. So funny. And so well done.
      Plus most of the people in the crowd were likely fans of the work. But I did not hear any boos or derision. Everyone in attendance seemed to be having fun. There is an ill-placed intermission. But it is mostly for a refill and stretch. Everyone was in good spirits.
      One good thing for the guys, you could check scores during the intermission. I went on a NCAA tournament day. Got to have priorities. Support MY girl, check. Get the results, check. Everyone happy at the end of the night, check.
      All in all, this was a good time. I assume ladies will go with everyone in their book club. Wearing their grey ties or masquerade masks. Guys should go too. With their ladies or without. And everyone who does go will have a good time. Have a your favorite cocktail and laugh out loud!

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