Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lecherous Behavior

            I have noticed that women I am friends with are much more forgiving of my lecherous behavior. I am allowed to leer. I am allowed to look at them. I am allowed to objectify them. And by some, I am even encouraged to do all the above.

            Why? No idea.

            Well I have some idea. I am sure it feelings good for one. It is meant as an appreciation. I am totally appreciating them. With my eyes.

Also, these ladies know I am not going to cross any lines. My eyes might not be respectful but my hands are always courteous and polite. All the limits will be respected.

I am aggressive and forceful in my demeanor. I am working on being dominant. But I have always respected very established limits. I always know what no means. And I always respect that.

So that mix must be comforting. Which always me a lot of leeway.

            Either way, I am glad I have some female friends who will allow me the pleasure of looking at them in a way that would otherwise be classified as rude. Hell, if someone was looking at one of these ladies this way; I would have to do something. At least tell the guy to stop.

            Do I enjoy doing it? Hell yeah!

            Not sure if every woman is like this. Probably not. This is a very liberal activity. Doesn’t mean the woman is liberal. Some that have been appreciated my libidinous deeds.

            I am glad I have outlets for my lewd behavior. And I don’t have subject it to anyone who doesn’t want it.

            I wonder if there are more woman who like to be leered at?

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