Thursday, February 12, 2015

Church of Lazlo discussing 50 Shades and Lazlo's Dominance comes out

            96.5 FM “The Buzz” out of Kansas City, Kansas is an alternative radio station that plays alternative and "before it is pop" music from the 1990s to today's newest sounds. The best show on the station is The Church of Lazlo on from 3 to 7 pm Central. The strength of the show is the eponymous host who lives his life on the radio. Along with his sidekick Slimfast aka Ding-Dong and their producer Meredith whose lives also end up as topics on the show. Politics, news, sports, movies, music, producer pregnancy and so many other issues are likely topics for the show.  

            Sex is a very popular topic on the show. The host and Slimfast have detailed their love of strip clubs, male to female transsexuals and women who wear stockings. Meredith has chipped in with her love of Monster Porn.

            But it also seems that Lazlo and Meredith also share a love for BDSM. Listen to the third clip on this podcast page:

    They discuss 50 Shades; which I have on this blog many times. [I already have tickets for Saturday 14 February 2015 so I will discuss it more, rest assured.] Here is one of many stories about the particular hardware store named B&Q which is in the United Kingdom: . I have heard they have a robust DIY section.

The surprise to me is the way that Lazlo talks about it. I never heard him discuss it before. Granted; I don't "listen longer" and only here about 10% of their stuff because I haven't lived in KC area in 3 years and have to listen online and would still need to listen longer.

    Anyway, there were three jewels in the podcast:

MY favorite part was at 6:40:

Lazlo: If I came over to your house with all the things I just said and said we are about to party and had popcorn.

Meredith: I said “OK. This way. Right this way.” [exactly the right thing to say]

MY 2nd favorite part was at 7:49:

Lazlo: I am going to need a can of stainless steel cleaner because we are going to get messy

Meredith: GOOD GOD! [almost orgasmically!]

MY 3rd favorite part was at 6:20:

Lazlo: I am going to need a car battery, a small generator AND your undivided attention. These are the things I need.

Meredith: YES!

            Slimfast doesn’t get it. He is really frustrated. Because he “wants to be a part of this”. He just doesn’t get it. Not at all. Like lots of guys. The movie might actually help him.

            At one point; Meredith says she doesn’t want to talk about it. Just do it.