Wednesday, February 4, 2015

More 50 Shades ranting

            The Shadies or Grey Girls or whatever the Twi-Hard equivalent for 50 Shades fans are ready for the 50 Shades of Grey movie coming out next weekend. Well technically next Thursday for early shows. It is well timed for the Valentine’s weekend. Excellent marketing tie-in.
I am sure there will be plenty of women who are ready to go. In fact I know so because plenty of tickets have already been purchased: . This “Mommy Porn” has been a very big money maker in book form. I believe that the celluloid version is going to be just as popular. Maybe more so.
Not just lasses who “drag” their fellas to the movie. There will likely be groups of women going together too. There was a mix of couples and women in groups when at Spank when I went about two years ago. Plenty of audience members will be there. Plenty of estrogen will be flowing.
I wonder if there will be groups or single guys outside or inside the movie too? Guys who will be waiting for those ladies. Guys just hanging around outside of movie theaters with a grey tie wrapped around their hand. Sounds like a good tactic to me and if I was single I would do it. Standing around in a grey suit, white shirt and a tie wrapped around the hand. Asking “Your flogger or mine?”
Hopefully this book and now film have been helping people to expand their sexual frontiers. Enjoying an assortment of different types of sex. New things. New positions. Exploration can be so fun.
One method of exploration can be porn. Smash Pictures made “Fifty Shades of Grey: A XXX Adaptation”. And maybe “This Isn’t Fifty Shades Darker II: This is a XXX Parody” the sequel but I can’t be sure if that sequel is real or just box cover art]. Another way to enjoy the fun. I have seen the scenes from the first movie and they are good. Julia Ann as Mrs. Robinson/Elena Lincoln is especially good. That will be missed from this movie though.
Back to the more tame version; it will be interesting to see. I have read all three books. And I do have my tickets already. I want to see what they change. See what they add. Where they end it. That will be all be interesting.
I don't think they cast either Mrs. Robinson/Elena Lincoln or Leila Williams. So is there a "bad girl/guy"? Will they wait to introduce a "bad guy/girl" or antagonist in any way? There are a lot of ways they can go with this story.
That is up to the female director of the movie. Interesting note, she is married to an actor like/about 25 years younger than her. Major cougar. Kind of a Mrs. Robinson herself. Her take on Elena Lincoln would be especially interesting.
So what will it be? Kinky Fuckery or FAKEry?

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