Tuesday, September 23, 2008

First thing to ponder

There are a couple of things that I want to do, in the sexual realm, which I am constantly thinking about. Not obsessively in a way that I can’t do anything else. But it is like Musak in the background of my life. Constantly running in the background.
My real problem is not the thoughts. It is proper execution. I don’t want to fail. So I am dragging my feet on it.
When this blog started, or was started for me by my friend, I wanted to at the very least use it to get these thoughts down and on the record. That was a long time ago, well earlier this year. And I never really made much headway.
I am in a better place. First, monetarily even though I am not trying to spend a lot of money on this or for this. It is supposed to be fun. But I don’t want to lose a bunch of money over it. But I realize also, it will take some funds.
Then there are my computer issues. My regular work issues. Just a whole bunch of issues that I allowed to keep me back. But it is time to at least get my thoughts out there. Start spit balling solutions. So I can figure out if they are feasible, ever or never. Some might not be feasible, here and now. Others will be but later.
The big one that I think would be most rewarding and easiest to bringing to life would be putting together a crew of Black men to have sex with women. I wouldn’t limit the experience to for the women to just one race.
This is not original, I know. But it is something that interests me to think about the management of this type of group. How to do it, or When, or Where. I came up with generic questions for any participants. It follows:

I am looking for a single woman or the wife of a couple or a group or women who want to be involved in gangbang. I am looking to put together a group of Black men to have sexual relations with a woman or group of women.
If you were keen on being a part of a gangbang would you prefer?

Your Rules
1. Initial Meeting
A. Would you meet them one time or more to get used to them before any sexual action happened?
B. Would you prefer to guarantee sex by the end of the night?
C. Leave your options open so that you can be in more control of the situation?

2. Would you limit them? (For example: no kissing, no anal, specific things that are off limits)

3. Would you want your husband to join in?

4. Initial Action Place
A. Your home?
B. Home of one of the guys?
C. Hotel/Motel? (Who chooses and pays)
D. Other place that I haven’t thought of?

The Guys
1. Meeting the guys
A. Meeting the guys and approving of them?
B. Using e-mail replies to approve guys, kind of a pick and choose?
C. Having a trusted observer (husband or me) picks the guys?

2. Meeting Place
A. Restaurant?
B. Bar?
C. Dance Club?
D. Action Place?

3. Guys’ familiarity with each other.
A. The guys don’t know each other prior to getting with you
B. The guys do know each other prior to getting with you

4. If they were an actual team who do this occasionally with others
A. You would want you own dedicated team?
B. You wouldn’t limit what they do on their free time?

I have thought about this. But not sure where I would start. Kind of chicken and egg dilemma. But I am going to do it at some point. Just need to figure out how to start. And once it gets going, it actually wouldn’t be too difficult. Actually, that depends on how many reliable guys I could get.
I don’t think there is a shortage of women o couples who want something like this. It may not be a constant thing for them. But having willing guys who don’t flake out, that is rare.
I guess also that I could take race out of it. But that wouldn’t be my “dream”. Maybe as a secondary challenge, like having a chocolate and vanilla team. But for now, I think I am going to stick with what I want, for now.
But assuming I can find the guys. Guys are generally pretty easy to at least get to answer a craig’s list ad. But where the rubber meets the road is, would they show? I mean a first meeting and the guys are going to want to get down to business, if you know what I mean. And if you don’t, I mean start having sex with a female. I would need some bait. I am thinking that just being upfront about using a woman or couple as bait might be the best way to go.
But, I fear not doing this correctly. There is a big risk with hurt feelings of any woman who isn’t able to get the guys to show. Would there be alternates?
Another problem would come when a woman wants a specific number of guys [like four and only four]. Ensuring that all four show up, no more no less will be a pickle. Once again, do I have an alternate? A pinch hitter?
Last problem is the logistics. I am not catering a party but that might make for a livelier crowd. So do I charge for food? If I get a hotel, how to pay for that? If I knew about systems like Pay Pal, I would be in the clear. I could just use that. But, I will have to study up a bit.
This is all stuff I can work out. And I am sure I will. But for now, it is in the planning stages. How long will it take to get going? Only knows. But, I will keep planning until I think I have the right formula. Keep your fingers crossed.

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