Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Challenge

I would constantly mention to my female friend how rare it is to find a woman with an open mind about sex, sexual relationships, pornography, and life in general. While she is very open to learning about and even trying a lot of different sexual situations, she would not agree that she is rare. She believes that there are plenty of women out there ready to explore new and different types of relationships beyond the simple, monogamous, or attempted monogamous, one female with one male relationship.

Partly because when I phrased it, I made her sound as if she was unique amongst a limited edition of women. Like she would be stuffed and mounted, not in a sexual way, when dies so that other generations of men will know she existed at one time. No matter how truly special and valued she is, it does make her sound like more like an object. And no one wants to be an object. She never told me she felt like this, so this may all be bull. But I imagine that is some of what fueled her disgust at my notion.

I was mostly joking about the fact as well. Often times acting like a crack addict. If you have seen the Chappelle’s Show character Tyrone Biggums, I would act in the same mannerisms substituting being with my female friend as my crack. I am an addicted to being around her.
I think we joked about this for about six months now before she was pretty much fed up with it. So I decided to get up off my hump and prove it to her. To show her that men will respond to a sexually open women much faster and in greater quantity (if not quality) than women will respond to a sexually open men. I have lots of data to back up my hypothesis. But I won’t go into here.

Just as a side note, I predicted that most if not all of my responses to a guy looking for a woman would be fake. If you are guy you know the ones I am talking about. They lead you to a dating site or some such none sense. Any guy who has posted on anything other than a or E-Harmony knows what I am talking about.

I decided we would individually write Craig’s List ads and post them. Here is where things may have been unfair. Her ad was on w4m (woman for man). Mine was on m4w. This may not have been the best place for mine. Mine probably should have been in mw4w. The best way to demonstrate why is to simply put the ad up in here. So without further ado:

Title: Must Like Porn
I am looking for someone who wants to have some fun. Adult fun. Expand their horizons a bit. Your view should include matters of a sexual nature. And if we are friends too, well, I guess that would be a nice bonus. Seriously, I want to have a female friend that has a good sense of humor who wants to try some new things.
So I guess you want to know about me. I am a Black Man. I am 5’11”. I weigh about 190 pounds. I keep my black hair short. I have brown eyes. DDF and V-Safe.
So what kind of fun?
Well let’s start off short quiz. If you saw me with my current female lover would you:
a. Watch me and her go at it ?
b. Join in for a three way ?
c. Knock her out of the way and take me yourself ?
There is no wrong answer but I am wondering what I am getting myself into. And, I would like a combination of all three really. She probably would too.
Sound interesting? I have more ideas. Hopefully you do too. And we can make them a reality together.
Of course, I am not talking about the normal monogamous relationship. Safe and honest fun that we can all enjoy. Anything spooks you, it just stops. That simple. But if you are willing to push some boundaries, let’s see what we can do together.
No requirements but an open mind.

Hope to hear from you soon.

As you can read in there, it may have been more suited towards a female looking for couples. But in my defense, this is want I want from a woman right now. I didn’t try to tank it so I could “win” and prove my point.

I am not going to post my friend’s ad now. I would have to get permission first, and I currently don’t have that. But her ad got at least forty different e-mail addresses. Two or three of them were from women who wanted her to join the woman and her husband.

My ad, the one you read above, got a grand total of two responses. Two. One was from Linda; which asked that I answer to Which, once I did, led to a link to a website:

The other response seemed like a real woman. I attached a photo and responded back to her. Then, nothing. It has been a couple of days now and she hasn’t gotten back to me.
I am sincerely not beating my chest. I posted a truthful ad for a woman that, if I would have gotten a real response, I would have been more than happy to meet up with. But, that was not in the cards. But I am not using this forum to try and feel important or make myself feel better. The situation simply is, that is it.

In the end, I wasn’t using this to actually meet women. If I wanted to meet women, I wouldn’t have been as honest and upfront about what I want. I am not going to give away my strategies so I have said about as much as I wish to at this point.

So now that I have proven my hypothesis, I get to do something. Kind of like winning a bet.
At first I thought me and my female friend would find a girl to have a three way with. But I am shying away from that idea now. Mostly because, like I said, I wasn’t looking to meet any new women. And I want to be true to that.

The other thing that I had proposed when we made the challenge was that we have a guy either, watch while we perform or I watch while the guy and my female friend perform. There are more aspects but I am working on changing some things. And am leaning towards a variation of this.
Do you have anything better? If so, make a comment about what she should do in response to losing this “bet”.

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