Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Untitled Poem

Found in a notebook I don't write in often, not dated, kinda only half-finished but wanted to share when I found it.

I watch TV as you sleep
Henry and June
On the big television on your
Oversized chest of drawers
Know you'll fuck my brains out
If you catch me watching it
During a lusty sex scene
The light from the television
Makes your dark skin shine
Your knee pointing out from
Under the comforter
I want to kiss it, lick the crease in the underside
Wake you up to be ravaged by you again
But I don't want to wake you
I like you more than I should
I might love you but
I can't be sure it's not
Just circumstances and good sex
But you are sick and twisted
Like I am
You write ideas on little scraps of paper
You came back just to make sure I wouldn't leave upset at myself
You conceal romantic gestures
Just in case they aren't accepted

And I can't stop

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