Monday, March 16, 2009

Stimulus by using balls

Although it is not directly sinful, anyone who knows me knows I love football. I never played. I don’t fantasy play it either. Football is still a part of my life. I love to watch it. I love to talk about it. I love to debate it.

I have watched and enjoyed since I was young. And, since I was:
1. Going to have more available funds since I am not paying alimony and
2. In a city with a viable Arena Football team and
3. In a city with a real and storied NFL team;

I figured that this year I would get into at least Arena league more than before. And continue to feed the football monster. Although, I could have done this in a low cost manner by watch high school ball. The available talent in my current area is not at the level that I am used to from the high school football of my youth.
But Arena Football is not playing. That kills that dream.

The NFL team is storied but not so, how shall we say, recently victorious. So what am I to do? They do play my own personal favorite team twice a year. But that team as well is storied but also not recently victorious.

What is that? Out in the distance. Is it? Yes. Yes! More football to feed my addiction.

The United Football League.

Economic Stimulus when we need it. You didn’t read that wrong. I said economic stimulus. Sports are something that makes people feel good. And it is also a good way to put more people to work.
This is yet another ambitious attempt to compete for the coveted football dollar. I am not sure how well it will do. But it is a great tool for economic stimulus. The United Football League (UFL) is trying to use tried and true practices to become a viable league in the United States.

Out of work coaches. Come get a job!

Out of work and potentially out of shape football players. Come get a job!

Sportscasters, sports writers, commentators, camera operators, people in the broadcast vans and other people needed to work these games. Come get a job!

Vendors, ticket takers, parking attendants, and others associated with running a stadium. Come get a job!

Versus television network may actually become a big boy network. More places to put commercials. We need more actors for the commercials. More jobs!

Is this the right time for this league? Possibly. Bringing, football to the masses is not really a problem. But doing innovative things will be good. But these things can’t be ploys like the XFL tried.

The UFL is going to be running concurrent with the NFL. On Thursday nights. Small league of four teams. And Championship game on Thanksgiving Weekend. In my opinion, genius.

Short season and concurrent allow them to save on lots of things the NFL is doing for them. No combine. No preseason, they are using guys who got cut. There is a totally consolidated training camp, cost saver. But these guys are off casts. They have the skills, talent and desire.

And the best thing is, these guys can still make pro rosters. They will be done before Dec. teams who need someone will not have to guess. These guys will have been playing the last two months, at game speed. So they will be just as tested as anyone.

One stipulation is, the UFLers will not be able to opt out of the contracts during the UFL season. So they will have to wait for their season to end. The NFL will not be able to just pick and choose these guys. But, the UFLers were most probably guys the NFL could have had anyway.

On my original point about feeding my football jones, I had a conversation with my Dad recently about how, fairly soon, there will be a seven day football cycle. WE are inching ever closer to that reality for the whole of the football season. Will that be the norm some day from SEP to DEC for a regular season to have games, games and more games? A lot of football fans hope so.

I say good luck UFL. Also, where do I apply for the job as the Vegas team play by play commentator? I think that would make a great second job. And probably would stimulate me too.


Ava said...

What about cheerleaders? You know those women who were being supported by their (married) now-jobless sugar daddies need money and attention too.

I don't want to be a cheerleader but I'm sure you can find a place to employ me as well.....

So, you gonna hire Michael Vick when he gets out???

Or the guy who's going to jail for drug trafficking, which he had to do to pay the child support on the 9 children he has?

TyRoy Washington said...

Well Cheerleaders are necessary. Cheerleaders are in charge of stimulus. They help to raise up spirits which in these times, we need. All of us need our spirits lifted.

And while most cheerleading squads don’t get paid for their actual “job”, they are definitely good for all types of stimulus. They usually make money in other ways that will employ more people. They have calendars which employ photographers, lighting personnel and possibly location scouts. They usually have appearances they get paid for. And they have special dance routines. Which means choreographers. So when Paula Abdul loses her American Idol job, BAM, she can be working with the Vegas/ LA team right away.

I wouldn’t hire Michael Vick. I abhor dog violence. Especially unnecessary dog violence. I think Vick should work for nothing, cutting the grass of the field, during the game, where he can be trampled. Him and his Ron Mexico disease spreading tail.

And the other guy, honestly I have no idea who this it or what his name is, he probably does need a job. And he is putting more people to work too. Drug counselors. Drug testers. Intervention specialists. Urologist to perform a vasectomy. Lawyers. Doctors for the kids. Lots of stimulus there.

This league will be full of stimulus. I am really glad we have these opportunities to stimulate things out there. I just hope that everyone is shovel ready.