Saturday, November 3, 2012


            I mentioned in the other post that I have boycotts. Here are some of them.

Woody Allen: He married his partner’s daughter who is also his son’s sister. While Soon Yi Previn isn’t Woody’s child either biologically or adopted; I cannot believe he didn’t something to do with raising her. It is wrong of him to do it. I realize that Soon Yi has every right to marry whomever she chooses. Fine enough. But she made movies, I wouldn’t watch her’s either.

Roman Polanski: He ran from a rape charge. He is a coward. Why not just do the time? He did something wrong. Face up to it.

            I realize the girl he raped is an adult, has forgiven him and doesn’t think he should face jail time. Honestly, it isn’t up to her. Why? Because no one should be able to rape someone else. It is wrong. He should face the consequences.

            I think have other boycotts. I can’t think of them at this time. Obviously I didn’t put a lot into this post. Because honestly, the people in this list don’t deserve my time. And I am not going to put my money towards their projects.

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AvaAlso said...

I'm not arguing for you not to have your boycotts. I gave up on that long ago.

Of course, it does bring up the question to people about how far they are ok with the people they are making the art they consume going before they say "Fuck it, that's person is horrible. I'm not going to do anything that might bring them money or acclaim." Also, how much does it matter if they make something you actually like or not. For example, I don't have anything to do with Chris Brown's music or dance, but I'm not really a fan anyway, didn't even know who he was before he beat up Rihanna. On the other hand, I really like Michael Fassbender's work and, though I think he's probably an asshole, I will still go see his movies despite knowing that he beat up his girlfriend.

What Woody Allen did is gross, unethical, immoral, though not illegal. He still makes some movies that I do like. Roman Polanski is horrible, drugged and raped a teenage girl, and should have done his time, even though the judge was going to set an example with him and not honor his original plea agreement. On the other hand, he still directs amazing movies which I am not going to deprive myself of because he's awful.

Now, Robert Altman, I don't think he's anti-American anymore than the people who protested Vietnam and were ashamed of their country and their government and their presidents during that period were. I support the people in the military and, as I haven't seen a return on it, I don't think our country fought those wars over oil. But I do think Bush was a horrible president and an all around idiot. I think getting into Iraq was stupid. Free speech means hearing things you don't like. Of course, that also means you're free to not see his movies, no matter how excellent Gosford Park is. But are you gonna boycott me now?

What about Morgan Freeman dating his granddaughter???? :-P