Monday, November 12, 2012

More Boycotts

R. Kelly

            I know that he has beaten the case against him. He went to court and won. And yet, I still believe he urinated on that girl.

I believe it so much that when R. Kelly came on the radio, I would change the channel. Not just in my own car but in other peoples’ as well. I don’t ask, I just change it. I just don’t like him.  

The truly hypocritical part of this is, I still listen to Michael Jackson. The circumstances are the same. But I let Michael Jackson off like s Smooth Criminal. All the while pushing R. Kelly back in closet.

My boycotts are not consistent. They may not be fair. But they are mine. And I am keeping the flame on this one burning.


Chris Brown

            He is despicable. Not only for what he did to Rihanna. That is enough to warrant a boycott.

But also, has no integrity with his music. He changed his lyrics to “Forever On The Dance Floor” to get marketing money from Double Mint Gum. No more to say, Chris Brown SUCKS!


Michael Fassbender [on the fence  - need more information]

            I had never heard that one. The first things I found don’t convince me. I understand things can happen. But this isn’t old Hollywood. She could file now and get a big bank. Why not? I am not sure I believe this.

            Not because I believe that all stars are good. When reports that Christian Bale came out, I believed them. Even before the audio. But the audio helped, that is for sure.

            I understand people who are in love can be convinced of many things. That abused people can be convinced of many things as well. But at this point, if this was true, she should press charges and clear things up on.           


Morgan Freeman [no boycott]

            Nothing has been shown that Morgan Freeman did anything other than take his step-granddaughter E’Dena Hines to movie premieres with him.

Here is a picture of Jeremy Piven walking with his Mom. Are they too hot and heavy get dressed up? No. They are regular people doing what looks like shopping and having coffee.

            They has never been nor is there no evidence that they were ever involved. Definitely nothing that they are engaged as was also erroneously reported. I am  sure it was some blogger who used twitter to make this claim. But I am willing to say that one is false.

            I am going to just chalk this up to trying to make a story where there is none. It is sad. But that is where media is these days. Lots of people comment and it gets picked up. During “Super Storm” Sandy it was reported that water was in Wall Street. It was even picked up by CNN. Ridiculous.

            News Reporters are more like gossips these days. That is why my boycotts are just based on truth. They are also based on my own biases. I will admit to that.

            But just like I am free not to see Altman’s movies when there is truth to be spread, I will. If Altman is so good at telling a story, when he is talking about a person, don’t say that Americans are full of it. Say Bush is full of it. I have no tolerance for stuff like that. It is how prejudices get spread. Tolerance of stereotypes being passed from the trait of one person to all persons like her or him is exactly how prejudices are started. And I not tolerant of it.

            There are plenty of people who don’t like me or my opinions. But I make my opinions known. I talk about it. If you disagree, fine. It is an opinion. I am not asking for acceptance in any way.


FrenchGirl said...

Bale was accused of verbal assault and the police dropped the charge because it was a family argument

AvaAlso said...

For me, I think that part of what makes me continue or discontinue enjoying people's art is if what I now know turns me off from them or drastically changes how I view them. I haven't boycotted Michael Jackson either but to me he was always stuck as an adolescent, so him (possibly?) doing everything with other children didn't shatter my perceptions of him. On the other hand, my friends and I used to sing along to the songs on R Kelly's 12 Play, hoping that adult men would be this dirty with us when we were adult women, not right then and not that kind of dirty. Then again, I guess I'm not boycotting, just not enjoying the art that these people produce anymore.