Friday, January 4, 2013

More ranting. This time about 50 Shades [probably not my last]

A very good friend of mine led me to a web posting that I thought was absurd at first. Until I realized that it was actually genius. The web posting was:

I have read all three of the 50 Shades books. But I can’t say I am expert in them. If I say something in the following rant that is incorrect, it is out of ignorance. But if you respond in the contrary, I would enjoy a thoughtful response. Just hearing that that “I’m stupid” [while it may be true] is not helpful to the discussion.

Now. I am not sure that Lena Dunham is actually the best actress for this role. Mostly because she is much stronger a person then Anastasia Steele from the 50 Shades books. Ms. Dunham is the writer, director and lead actress in her own HBO show. This is not some shrinking violet who will easily fall into the role of a naive young woman who has no real experience with either herself or life. Ana is very different even from the awkward character that Ms. Dunham portrays on “Girls”.

One thing I do know it this, Kate Kavanaugh is better looking and richer than Ana Steele. She should look like it as well. She should exude that. Both glamour and grace. A young lady with style. I am thinking someone like a young Iman or Paulina Porizkova or Heidi Klum. Kate should be model level beautiful not Ana.

While I understand and agree that Christian Grey (Xian) should be played by a male actor that has model like good looks. Guys who are being touted as possible who I agree are appropriate as guys like Ian Somerhalder and Matt Bomer. Xian has to be exquisite. He should look it. Act it. Be it.

But Ana should not be. She should be pretty. But not model ‘gorgeous’. While Lena Dunham is smart in the way Ana must be, witty, sarcastic and biting. She is not good looking enough to be noticed just for her looks. Also, her tattoos will probably take her out of the running for the role as well. They work for her personally but Ana does not and would not have tattoos. That is going to be a nail in the coffin.

While actresses like Alexis Bledel, Nina Dobrev, Emmy Rossum, or Emily Browning [who was Stephenie Meyer’s choice for Bella]   is being named as potential favorite actresses to play Ana. However most of them are more appropriate for Kate Kavanuagh [or better yet Leila who will be a great character to play].

 Same with all the ladies that are being named for Ana. I am not sure though, I believe that Kate might have been blond. If so, someone like Diane Agron is cast, that would be awesome. Kate should be much prettier than Ana.

A better Ana would be Lena Dunham’s cast mate on the show “Girls” Zosia Mamet. Most might argue that Alison William or Jemima Kirke would be better.  I ask why?

Where does it talk about Ana being prettier than Kate? The only people who express interest in Ana are Xian and Jose. Outside of them, Ana is average written and should be portrayed as average. That is how the character should be played. As accurate as possible.

I am certain that Hollywood will screw it up. They so often do.

Like I said, this is all ranting. Amazing that I book I have so many problems with has enthralled me in such a way. I dislike mostly the portrayal of BDSM but also the writing and the general lack of realism in any of it. But is it a copycat of a fantasy book in the Twilight series that have many of the same attributes.

I would like to see the 50 Shades have some good movies. It is possible. Not if they stay true to the books though.

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