Wednesday, January 23, 2013

TV rant: Are there any show runners anymore?

     Showrunner: term originating in the United States television industry referring to the person who is responsible for the day-to-day operation of a television series.
     On certain shows right now, it is hard to figure out if anyone is functioning as a showrunner.

     Like in in House of Lies: Why did they change the way Marty Kaan acts? First the important question, where is MY crazy sex? The Marty as they established him would have had sex with someone by episode 2 of the 2nd season

     Even if Marty became a monk; the showrunner should let someone else on the team become slut. Clyde is the natural choice because he . But Guggenheim would be more interesting for a certain point of view of who he hooks up with. Or a good writer would spread the sex out amongst them.

    I mentioned the guys on the team. Jeanie is also available for debauchery. But they have her in an equally ridiculous storyline. The Marty/Jeanie thing is lame. So lame. I know they gave her character daddy issues that sabotage everything. But this is not real. It is not normal. And it is not the characters from the first season.

     But to my rant, if you write a character one way, keep them that way. Or if there is a reason for him to change, then make it obvious. Because Marty closes in business and sex. He hit on his ex wife so he wants to have sex. That hasn’t changed. So he would have moved on to someone else by now. This is crap. The showrunner needs to get things back on track.

      I am pissed about stuff like that. I wish someone would actually think, “would Marty go 2 episodes without sex?” Or just not make a show that ramps the sex down the 2nd season. Because the result will be, this viewer will not be back for a 3rd season unless I see some frakkin. And soon.

   Another example is How I Met Your Mother: Why have they fundamentally changed who Ted is? He is just hooking up randomly now. He isn’t looking for Love. He is just a guy in NYC. If a showrunner was keeping the stories on track, he never hooks up with random woman. Not for any reason, not even if the reason is peer pressure.

     Even when he did "The Naked Man"; that date started out as a legitimate prospect. Ted was thinking Love. At least at first. But when it broke down, then he got laid.

     Recently Ted has just been doing whatever. Not really acting like himself. Just like a normal guy in NYC. Which is not worth watching.

     Same changes to his personality happened earlier this season. An old love of Ted's named Victoria came back into his life. She was looking for marriage. But Ted was just MEH about it. No. Ted has been so desperate about his search for both love and marriage. He labored for the better part of four years to get Robin to both love and marry him. Unsuccessfully. But now Robin is getting married to Barney. WTFrak? I am not sure how these changes to the characters are occuring.

     Speaking of which, Ted is the type of guy who knows his friend’s important information. I don't want to spoil anything so I won't say what he forgot. But even if it isn’t his best friend he remembers things.

     The writers are just making Ted into a 30s douche bag. Which apparently is just as bad if not worse than a 20s d-bag. That show is funny when you turn off the brain. But if you actually care about the Mother in the title, it is frakkin horrible. But at least at one point he was searching for Love. Now he is just a d-bag.

      [Also, Barney broke one of the 'bro rules'. He broke up a girlfight. Not cool.]

     At this point, I am kind of just hanging on to find out who the Mother is. But once I do, I may stop watching all together. They haven't been interesting in a while. Things need to perk up quick. Otherwise, I am off to other things.

     A good friend of mine mentioned that they [writers, showrunner, producers] may not want to let the viewers down with the "wrong" Mother. If she doesn't look the right way. If it isn't the right person. That is plausible and I agree that is the case. Otherwise, they could just have an actress know. Having a yellow umbrella all the time or a bass guitar player; they are just skirting the issue.

     Get to what is real. Write a good story. Let the viewers decide. Otherwise, the viewers will and decide to turn the channel.

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