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Artistic Integrity- hard to achieve !!

          I wonder if George R.R. Martin (GRRM) has good notes or an outline or some big board somewhere [non-erasable ink] or better yet - some typed out plan for where the Kingdom of Westros is going over the course of however many books he has left in him. The reason I say this is; doesn’t every good modern author need to have some mechanism to ensure that the stories they want to tell get told correctly? Because with so many ways available to fans, other authors or even publishing companies; the integrity of any author’s work might at times be just as reliant on the speed of publishing as the quality of the content.

        Game of Thrones is a big success on HBO. But it has strayed from the original text in the books that comprise the series named A Song of Ice and Fire. I am not sure if the books are a considered success or not. Actually I am not reading them on purpose. I want a pure experience with the TV series. Much like with HBO’s True Blood where I did not read the books either.

The avid readers of the series have had multiple problems with the TV series. Since the books came first; the readers are expecting a lot from the TV series. The series has not delivered. Not just because of the “richness” of GRRM’s writing. Characters on TV don’t match the books in more than just words.

An example is the character Ros. She is not named in the books at all but is likely only mentioned as the “red-headed whore” It is expected that some characters will be written out because ink is less expensive than a salary. But this is a new character that incorporates the traits of a couple characters within the book to represent prostitutes in general. But changes to both traits and back-story. Ros is white and the characters she absorbed [Chataya and Alayaya] are black; not from the North; and generally not the same: My point is more towards the fact that changes get made. But it is most important that the writer’s intent is followed.

So when does the author step in? I know that GRRM is working with HBO on the series. But not sure how closely. Maybe not with the level of control that E.L. James will have on her "work on the 50 Shades Trilogy". But I know GRRM is there with filming on HBO happens. In fact, GRRM is developing more stuff for HBO too. I am not sure if it is GoT related or not.

But there are gaping holes that the book readers have been wondering since the 1990s. TV watchers won’t stand for that amount of time for those holes to remain open. GRRM has things that need answered. They need to be addressed sooner rather than altered by the TV series. Or they will suffer a loss. In viewership.

It may also slip into the readership as well. Remains to be seen.

There are two examples of what can happen to an author's work without proper oversight: 
1. Stopped
2. Changed 

1. Stieg Larsson believed in his journalism and subsequent book writing was so important and the profundity so deep in the true nature of evil; that he didn’t get married to his partner Eva Gabrielsson. That he would be putting her life in danger if he did. However he did not leave a will for her either, so she has no rights to his work or profits. Also Larsson didn’t have detailed notes for where to take his characters? Why?

            I am judging him bit he is a dead man so he has no true judgment. Still I have to say that this is the height of selfishness. I am plenty selfish myself and I advertise myself as such. But still, they were together for over 30 years. I don’t know Swedish law but seems like he could have done more to take care of her. Make sure she had more rights. Because he was supposedly estranged from his father and brother how now have the rights [and who were also in so much danger yet]. Anyway; now two men he was supposed not even close to own his legacy. Why?

We also know that he was confident this story would resonant. So much that at 50; he was telling friends he was going to be famous for the Millennium books that he was writing: novels. Which is became very true. Hell, even the translations are riveting. He wrote a great few of books. But I have heard rumors that other books could have been written with all the material Larsson had in his head. Maybe as many as 10: But that is just rumor.

Now we, the public who enjoy his stories, we get screwed. His fictional stories & earlier journalism illuminated real issues that need to be examined. Issues like Swedish government cover ups, business corruption, foster system, sexual abuse, and other things. These are stories that need to be told.

And supposedly Larsson had written the start of a fourth book: . WE the readers won’t get to see what his vision was. If Gabrielsson had the vision, she doesn’t own the rights because Larsson didn’t do what he needed to ensure that happen. And it might get changed in the greedy hands of men he wasn’t even close to.

I wonder what would have happened? Would Lisbeth team up with her sister? Would she start making money for herself? What happens to Millennium? Would anyone ever call Kalle Blomkvist on his shit?

Also every author needs to be concerned in the ways that things get changed. Like how the Swedish movie version changed the daughter’s involvement in solving the murders in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo [and I renew that Kalle Blomkvist is in fact a Man who hates women]. But there is also talk of not having Kalle back in the other two English language sequels because of Daniel Craig’s salary: These types of perversions are not right; Even if they are possible.

End result, the people loyal to the story don’t get the real story. Speculation is that at least one more and possibly as many as seven more stories were detailed to his partner Eva Gabrielsson. So when, if ever, might we the public get those stories? Probably never.

Back to my original thought; doesn’t GRRM worry about his story in this way? That he won’t let his fans have the truth of his story. Ultimately leaving us with so many theories but no true resolution.

2. Ian Fleming created a great character [incidentally that Daniel Craig is also playing along with Kalle Blomkvist and is a large part of the salary problems with the English version of the Millennium trilogy] in James Bond. He created other characters but none have been as long reaching as Bond. Not even Napoleon Solo which was his name for The Man From UNCLE.

The reason I bring up Fleming is, I wonder what he would think of his character now. Bond has had Lots of authors work on him. John Gardner changed things like the car he drove from an Aston Martin to a Saab. The character has had a bunch of changes. One time authors. Some that did a couple books then no others. It is a very mixed bag.

But is it what Fleming wanted?

Back to my original point, would Martin want GoT picked up by someone else?  I think the answer is no. The reason I say that is that GRRM is adamantly opposed to fan fiction Sometimes an author will have a favorite fan who they are comfortable "handing the reigns" to.  

Would he appoint someone? Just seems like that is imperative. So that the original vision gets told. Partly because GRRM writes at a glacial pace. GRRM seems to not trust anyone enough for that though.

Maybe now that there is a TV series, maybe he will let that speak for his vision? I don’t know.

All this to say; I want to know who Jon Snow’s Dad is? I don’t believe it is Lord Eddard Stark. Good ol' Ned. I don’t want to believe it either. I am hoping it is someone else. I mean, if good ol’ Ned had sex out of wedlock, is he really going to go back and check on her in nine months? Doesn’t seem the type. He would bury it so that he wouldn't have to face his shame.

            There is great mystery about who Jon Snow’s father is. There seem to be only two possible hypotheses. Lord Ned Stark and Crown Prince Rhaegar Targereyan.

            As evidenced by:
            The most prominent hypothesis is R + L = J. Otherwise known as Rhaegar Targereyan + Lyanna Stark = Jon Snow.

This gives Rhaegar a third child. The number three is rife throughout the Targereyan blood line. Rhaegar had two children with Elia Martell of Dorne. His other two children were Rhaenys and Aegon and Jon would make the third head of that Targaryen dragon. And also the last male dragon since Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane killed Elia, Rhaenys and Aegon [which was a popular phrase spouted by Oberyn Martell].   
            Ned is supposedly the most honorable in Westros. So it is questionable whether he would lie. But we know that he told King Robert on the show and Arya in the books that Jon’s mother’s name is Wylla. He never actually details who Wylla is. Where she is from. Or any other such clues that would help the fans know anything tangible.

            What if Wylla is a childish way of saying Lyanna? Or if somehow Wylla is a nickname for Lyanna. We know that Ned’s actual name is Eddard. Who named him Ned? Maybe Wylla.
            Could N + L = J? Or Ned + Lyanna = Jon.

            We know there is rampant incest in Westros. Why not here?
            I think that most people do not want Jon living his life out on the wall. And I hypothesize that the wall is coming down at some point in the final books anyway. But I digress.

            I think one way is to have Jon assume his responsibility as Warden of the North, the Lord of Winterfell. He is the eldest living male child of Ned Stark: /            

            Given as a “shield” to the hypothesis is that Ned has so much honor is that far too honorable to have sex with his sister. Supposedly he hadn’t seen her for two years prior to her death. Rhaegar likely wouldn’t have let any man see his beauty trapped in a tower. But this could just be a ruse, in my opinion.
I assert that claims of Ned’s honor are greatly exaggerated. In an episode of Game of Thrones Ned says of someone [I can’t remember who but I think he is referring to Jaime Lannister] “He has honor when honor is easy.” But the same is true of Ned himself.  
            What is my evidence of Ned’s failing honor? Here:
1. Ned doesn’t say no to his best friend Robert going after the Targaryens’ and by extension the Crown and the Realm. Some might say that he was only going against the Crown Prince. Maybe Ned was just ridding the Realm of an unworthy Prince. But who is Ned to make that decision?
2. Ned led the attack on Aerys into King’s Landing. Honorable men do not attack their king. They do not invade the capital. Even if that king killed his father and brother. A truly honorable man would not disgrace his honor with personal vengeance. Ultimately he didn’t kill Aerys; Jaime Lannister did. Still it was not correct what he did and anyone can now dismiss the claim about it only being about Rhaegar because Robert had already killed him. Robert’s wounds from his struggle at the trident prevented him from leading the battle himself.

3. Honorable men DO NOT HAVE KIDS OUT OF WEDLOCK !! This leads a lot of people to say that is why it must be someone else who is the father except for one thing


Does GRRM want to leave this to someone else to solve? I would think not. Hopefully his vision is clear. And it gets presented either in book form or on TV or both. Preferably by GRRM himself.

Maybe one day I will do some serious writing and people can question my integrity.
             Either way it doesn’t matter. GRRM has a very loyal following of people. He is one of the most popular authors around. So much so that things he wrote as a teenager are news now: [this is also evidence he does like other authors but I don’t think Stan Lee will be able to pick up for him on this one]. And GRRM can laugh all the way to the bank, no matter what I say about him.

All I have to say to GRRM is; “Tell me who Jon’s parents are!?!”

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