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Who wants to play with words?

I found the following Craigslist Advertisement interesting. Presented here:

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Who wants to play with words?

I just love playing with the written word. Using words to paint a picture of erotic fantasies is the HOTTEST fore play I have ever experienced.

Who is interested in writing a paragraph of "our" erotic story and then passing it off for the other person to write the next paragraph. Then you get it back for your addition and so on....

Could be a lot of fun! Any takers?

If we hit it off maybe we can meet in person and live portions of our story?
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   I wasn’t able to respond in time to the above Craigslist Advertisement. It was up for a couple hours and then down quickly. I suppose someone had a really enticing paragraph before I could create what I wanted.
If I had the time; something like below is what I would have written. I know only a paragraph was requested but I like to overachieve. That is likely why I didn’t get the chance to create the story with her; I was being too possessive. Trying too hard to impress also.
   Taking even more time since then; I added in the names and some context via certain objects to make it more like a real story. I use a few brand names for some objects but that is in no way any endorsement. Proper names also added for proper context. Plus it is embellished so that it is a full story. The story is based on my original idea for a possible encounter that would be fun for all involved. I am left to wonder if it would have gotten me an in-person meeting?
     I guess I will have to speculate on my own for however long it bugs me. For now; I am glad to share this with anyone who feels free to read it. Because it would bug me more if I didn’t post this piece. I hope you enjoy it this piece of erotica.

Mary swung her legs out of the car. Her 5 Series BMW was impressive as it rolled off the plant floor because of its sleek styling. Beyond that her car is overly extraordinary because of its modified V8 engine. The resulting power plant generates more torque than most pickup trucks. Plus it definitely is faster than those whiny sounding import tuners. She liked to go hard and fast. She expected to get plenty of both tonight without the need for a machine for the first time in a long time.

 Her car was equally impressive because it was washed, cleaned & waxed regularly. The car looked good because she took flawless take care of it. Same as she did her own body.

Mary worked out regularly with a variety of exercises. Mary also took the time to primp herself as well with habitual mani/pedis and other body maintenance. She always kept her kitty kit clean of hair looking very inviting. Always dressed to impress to do everything in the latest style. Mary looked like a million bucks inside and out. She was definitely more impressive than a bucket of bolts and wires.

Just as her heels hit the asphalt; Mary heard the ding of her cell phone. She looked down to see she got a text. The message she was hoping for. The anticipation has been making her whole body so tense. She is practically about to snap she was so wound up. Visibly tight but her stomach doing somersaults along with the rest of her insides. Mary was slowly losing control of her body and emotions. She was very excited, to say the very least.  

“Room 112” 

That was all the text said. Nothing more. Mary had a good idea what would happen there. She had been hoping for something exciting. She got it in spades.

Mary had always dreamed of trying this. A forbidden liaison with a stranger who is concerned with her pleasure. Just showing up to a place where she is unknown. She wouldn’t know who was in there. She would barely be known to the person receiving her. Then surrendering to the lust of her new lover. Letting things happen as he wanted them to. But it seemed so foreign & risky. It was a real leap.  

Of all the things she had imagined; rough oral sex was always the hottest. She always enjoyed giving head. Ever since she knew how much boys enjoy her skills. But not as much as the man she was now with was going to enjoy getting it her benefits. She wanted to surrender her mouth to all the delights his prick could have with her.

Mary had harbored this fantasy for so long, she couldn’t’ remember when or where it started. A man holding either side of her head. Pistoning his cock in and out of her mouth’s opening. Completely filling her from lips to tonsils. Pushing against the sides of her mouth and making her cheeks swell. Using her pie-hole like a pussy as he sinks his delicious dick in again and again. Leaving only a rope of cum dripping from her well fucked hole when he is done.

That was one thing her new lover had promised. A test of her oral skills with him; a new man. Her first new man in years. Doing something she hadn’t done in quite a while, giving a proper and enthusiastic blowjob. It was like she was a teenager all over again.

Mary’s desire focused on getting a good dick-down. And from the correspondence she had; that was exactly what was being offered. The rough language in the notes sent back and forth was enticing. The promise of molesting hands on her willing flesh. The unabashed style of mentioning the crude sexual acts. The crass demeanor that was attached to each message her lover sent was so tantalizing. She was sure that Jay was the guy to provide her with what she desired.

That was all he used to refer to himself. Jay just like the letter. Jay had dominated her thoughts for so long. It had been almost two months of anticipation. She was distracted at work. Constantly checking for messages by text or email. She would have looked for smoke signals if that would have made the time go quicker.  Now, she was about to make this yearning real.

Would he do it? Take her mouth. Treat her like the unknown orifice on the other side of a gloryhole. Could she have found someone so crass as to enjoy such debased pleasures without taking things too far? Treat her to those pleasures? Maybe one day soon she would have the courage to find out about being on the other side of a gloryhole herself. For now; she was here outside this hotel. Waiting to be used. Hoping to be used.

This is both exciting and nerve racking. Mary’s outer façade of power she exuded most days was masking something more base at all times. Her inner war. She had always desired to do something like this. Meet a man just for sex. Out of the blue. A man she never met before. But she had to have some security in the situation.

Someone had to know where she was for her own safety. Only one other person who knew about this meeting. It was her safe call which was her friend Lisa. Lisa was sufficiently kinky enough to help Mary out on this “quest”.

Lisa had met Jay in person for coffee. She said that he is legit. He even agreed to terms about details on how to check in. Lisa took down all his personal information. So if something happened; he wouldn’t be able to run and hide. Lisa would track him down like the villain in a Liam Neeson movie.

Lisa told Mary that she gave her seal of approval. Lisa wanted Mary to “Have Fun and Let Loose.” Vowing that Jay was just the man to help her with that. Heck, Lisa was pretty sure Jay could help any woman multiple times. She would love take a turn herself sometime.

Mary finally left the comfort of her car and made her way to her feet. She was a little wobbly at first. She could barely remember how to walk since her mind was occupied with other things. Like it was the first time as a virgin again. Which in one respect it was. She made her way into the Crowne Plaza hotel.

She tried to stay poised in the rest of the journey to her craving. She was able to move her feet gracefully down the hall to the door. She saw the number, barely. The door was propped open. Making it easy for Mary to walk in. With her trepidation; that was not as easy as one would think. Still she pushed the door out of her way and entered. Closing it securely then taking a deep breath to get her ready for what was next.

There was a moveable screen blocking most of the room. A small folding table was present in front of her. When she looked down Mary saw the pop-up note that sat behind a silk scarf blindfold. Picking up the note it read, “Tie This Over Your Eyes”.

She did as instructed. Binding her eyes with the scarf. Restricting her vision to almost nothing. Trusting in what was about to happen. Scared stiff that she would get exactly what she has been yearning for so long.

As she finished securing the scarf around her eyes, she heard a click. Mary could feel the metal on her wrist. Her left wrist was twisted ever so slightly to meet her right hand. The two appendages were secured together by polished metal. She was now robbed of her sight and the use of her hands. Two of her senses were gone. Mary stood in this foreign place; very vulnerable.

Once again, the adrenaline was surging through her body. It was not something anyone can see. It is what is happening. If she had full freedom of movement; she might be shaking like a leaf in the wind right now.

Instead Mary was being led further into the room. There was a strong hand that gripped her left arm completely. She was stepping lively to keep pace with the man leading her. The man that promised to take her to a new pleasure she had hoped so long for.

Mary could feel hands on her person now. Her clothing. Unbuttoning her blouse. Her lover. It was in a respectful style. Not just tearing it off like a brute. This man knew what he was doing.  

Then she heard it. That voice. So gruff and commanding; that voice belongs to a man who is ready to show her pleasure. "I am going to take off your skirt. Nice and slow."

As Jay undid her skirt; Mary could fully feel his touch. His strong hands caressed my bare ass as she worked the skirt off my hips. His tough and slightly rough skin felt like a real man’s. In contrast to the style he used to remove her garments which was in a delicate manner. Her fine threads needed patience to be to make sure they are removed correctly.

Mary was standing in what must have looked like an awkward position. Her hands bound behind her with her blouse bunched around her hands. It might look like the blouse is actually binding her. Leaving her clad in only a pair of garters and stockings that lead to stripper heels. No panties as instructed.

She felt her now bare skin being touched roughly, awakened. This man’s hands on her. Starting to caress all over her supple skin. While the one hand continued down below the other hand was working toward her breasts.

   This was an expert who was handling her. Caressing Mary's breasts. Pinching Mary's nipples. She was being manipulated. She was being aroused. She was loving every bit of it.

   All the while Mary was being manhandling down below as well. Feeling her most sensitive skin stroked by her new lover. Her clit squeezed between two muscular fingers. Then some fingers pushing her legs apart. Caressing her nether regions. Until she felt a tongue that was dancing delightfully over her labia.

The assault on her senses made her all the more aware of the pleasurable aspects of everything happening to her. The fact that she was robbed of sight made her so much more acutely attuned of all the other senses. Smelling the desire coming from this man and all directed toward her. Feeling his strong hands roaming all over her body. Tasting first this man’s hot and heavy breath on her lips and tongue right before he kisses her softly.

Mary was soon put on her knees. Her true purpose was evident quickly. Jay’s hard cock was pressing against her lips. And she opened her supple mouth pillows to let Jay enter her mouth. Feeling the soft skin of his cock which was so smooth.   

Mary delighted in her own pleasure. It washed over her body like shower water. There was no denying the rush she got from having a hard cock in her mouth. It was long enough and thick enough to make sure she felt its choking presence from time to time. And Jay had no problem assisting her with the pace. One hand on her tits and one on the back of her head to help her.

Mary was able to move her head freely, for the most part. She did get some assistance from time to time. Told to hold her head down for a little longer at times. Mary was forced to take more and more of the length of his cock. It was 8 inches so not the biggest one ever. But Jay’s length along with his girth is a mouthful. She needed all the attention she could muster to concentrate on using her nose to breathe when he "helped" her. Because her mouth was completely occupied.

What was even more noticeable was when he pulled his cock all the way out. It was a noticeable loss. She realized how much she liked having that cock in there. Mary was going to miss it in her mouth when Jay decided to fuck her later.

Mary felt that her hands had been released from the cuffs. Leaving her a little off balance. She took hold of the first thing she could; a well-muscled set of buns Jay possessed. Using her hands to steady her and her mouth did more work. The scarf fell from her eyes too. Mary was now fully able to enjoy all that was occurring to her.

Just then, Jay scooped Mary up and threw her onto the bed. Although her senses were returned, Mary was not in control. Jay was the one calling all the shots here. And that was fine with both of them.

First action he took; Jay moved between her thighs too. Making her feel a whole new sensation. This was another wave of pleasure to enjoy. A man who would take his time in using his tongue. Jay explored her. Nibbling on her clit. Alternating his tongue between her labia and the entrance of her vagina. He was not shy in letting his fingers plunge deeply into her vagina. Stimulating her G-spot in ways she hadn’t felt in a long time.

 Mary got to savor this pleasure for a while. She got to do something rare; enjoy it. The feeling of utter abandonment as she allowed Jay to have his way with her most private area. Mary senses were on fire. Because she could hear too just a little bit of the slurping and probing that was going on. It sounded like Jay was having fun.

The true nature of her sense of touch was pushed over the edge as she felt the condomed laced cock enter her pussy. As much as she might miss that cock in her mouth; she enjoyed the feeling of it in her pussy. The push against her walls as it squeezed it way in. There was plenty of lubrication. This cock is just the widest thing to enter her in a while. Even thicker than her dildo.

She was adventurous but not stupid. Condoms were a must for vaginal penetration. Although she loved the feeling of a man’s cock skin inside of her; she had to draw some lines. It did not diminish her pleasure. It was a delight to feel such a wonderful piece of manhood inside her. She didn’t need to see the condom to feel it. It was wrapped around quite an impressive cock.

They started out in a modified missionary position. Jay had to lift her hips up so that he could sink into her. This forced her legs up too. So she was spread eagle and open to the world. Filled with a pumping dick that was able to hit her spot just right.

“May I touch you Sir?”

“Freely” he allowed with his answer. Mary was glad to allow her hands to roam all over Jay’s body. He wasn’t a model but he had very present muscles. He was strong in the true sense of the word. It was nice to feel that strength.

Jay was enjoying the pleasures of being inside Mary. Pumping his fully engorged cock in and out of her pussy. Stroking her insides like no one had done to her in years. Like an expert. Hitting all the places that made her shutter.

   Mary could not neglect the full on assault to her senses. She was now allowed to feel the muscles of her lover on top of her. Their combined scent of sex washed over her olfactory nerves. She could taste his lips when he would kiss her with passion and hunger. Still the best feeling was his cock. Each thrust seemed to get deeper within her somehow.

Mary came on his cock. Releasing a wave of delight that they could both savor. She hadn’t felt this intense for so long. She nerves were bundled up tight and ready to explode. She couldn’t resist shivering a little to try and release some of the tension in her body.

As she did; she could hear Jay’s breath become more swallow. He was getting ready to cum and she could sense it. With a little force; she was able to cum with him as well. She had been multi-orgasmic before. Never so quickly though. Never coinciding with her lover.

“I want you to clean the cum off my cock with a washcloth from the shower.” Jay ordered. “Then use your mouth and get me hard again.”

Mary finally took in the luxury suite. The blinds were open to the wonder of the downtown city lights. Sometimes she would work late and see this view. But it looked different from the angle.

Mary walked confidently to the shower. Naked as she walked back to wipe Jay clean. She could see him in full view for the first time. She focused on was the desire written all over his face. He was yearning for her again. She could tell.

“Hurry. I have more condoms and I intend on using them.”

After a quick swipe with the hand towel; Jay pulled her up for a kiss. It was intimate. It was passionate. Their tongues danced as she felt his hands in her hair.

He pulled his head back. Looked deep into her eyes as he ordered her to, “Suck! My! Cock!”

She repositioned herself in front of that breathtaking “literally” tool. Mary got to see his thick and veiny instrument up close. It was quite a sight to behold. But she wasn’t there to stare. She was there to work with her mouth.

And work she did. She sucked his cock until it stood at attention. At one point; Jay grabbed her hands and pinned them to the bed so she could only use her mouth. She tried so hard to keep it in her mouth. But that big phallus still fell out. So she had to use her lips and tongue to get it back in. “You better keep sucking my cock girl” Jay implored her. So Mary lined up her mouth and got that big dick back into her jaws. Working it up and down.

One thing that she couldn’t resist was the underside of his cock. Mary got her left hand free and used it to push his erect cock onto to his belly. Then she took a long and slow lick on the underside. Tracing the huge vein that runs from his balls to the head of his cock. It tasted so sweet. It was not just long, it was wide too. You could tell that plenty of blood was flowing through it.  

His cock was a thing of beauty. He was able to use it so expertly. And Mary wished she had all day to suck on it. She would take that job very seriously. To look at it and admire it whether it was flaccid or ready for action. It just looked so tantalizing. For now, her mouth was doing all the admiration.

   Mary felt Jay’s hands on either side of her head. Pulling her off that delicious cock. “I am going to fuck you from behind” Jay growled at her. Mary could only delight at the knowledge.

“Get up on your hands and knees” Jay commanded as he got up. He went to the stand and put on another condom. His hard prick sheathed in a plastic casing. Ready for more action.

   “Ahhhh!” he let out as he slipped his cock into Mary’s willing pussy. “This is just a heavenly feeling indeed.”

Slowly Jay enjoyed this new sensation. Having her in a new position. Enjoying the feeling of his cock as it slide further and further into her.

He was going to be able to last longer since he already spurted one load. So he would take his time. Letting her feel him inside of her.

   Mary was not the same however. The quivering within her started as Jay was thrusting in and out of her. She was so turned on and ready to cum. Along with the expert fucking she was being given; all these factors made her cum like a fire hose. Sensation seemed to last for hours. Lucky for her!

Mary slipped into a space she had never felt before. And all her carnal actions blended into one. She could feel every bit. But couldn’t describe it to much of anyone. She was a sexual animal. Overflowing with satisfaction that was coursing throughout her body.

After a few hours & several rounds of lustful interaction; it was time to go. Mary showered her body without getting her hair wet. Washing the sex and scent from her body.

Jay kissed Mary passionately before she left this den of sin. Then shut the door between them. Leaving untold pleasures behind closed doors. Pleasures that will be present in thoughts if not in words.  


When Mary got to her car; she texted to Lisa "It was amaz-balls! Tell you the rest tomorrow."

Mary drove out of the parking lot with a huge smile on her face. She was so happy. So at peace. This was the best sex she had in months.

Next text she sent at a red light was to Jay say "Next month?”. Then she shut her phone off.  

Mary continued her drive home. Even though this was not her normal route; she knew where she was going. Just enjoying the ride with a smile on her face.


“I’m home” she called

“Evening Katie. Did you have fun?” John called out to his wife.

 “Yup. Just the workout I needed.” she said as she slipped her key ring onto her hook labeled KMB. Her work ID showed her full name: Katherine Mary Bryant.

She quickly reflected on “Mary’s” exploits as she pushed the brunette wig into her gym bag a little further. “I think I will check on the kids before I go to sleep. Night.”

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